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Swiss native and Los Angeles based musician Sonia Schmidt's project Ohsergio pushes the boundaries of folk music with a subtle blend of simple melodies, layered vocals, and experimental sounds.


After her first single Hunter released in 2016, Ohsergio made a TV debut at home in Switzerland with a haunting acoustic set that left the audience dreamy. FIDITL - short for Fear Is Dancing In The Light - and Dream were both released in early 2018. Written, performed and produced by Schmidt, Dream was since then nominated at the 2019 Southern States Independent FanFilmFest for best original soundtrack on the short movie Girl… written and directed by Adria Baratta. 


Asked to describe her sound, Schmidt compares her music to the Japanese art of Kintsugi, treating the imperfections of her voice and her delicate guitar playing as part of the story of her music, rather than something to disguise. From the spontaneity and fragility of her self-taught musical skills, emerges a visually rich experience, which makes Ohsergio’s music particularly well suited for the screen.

With her debut album We'll Be Alright, Ohsergio's music, now enriched with sparse yet tasteful guest appearances (Sasha Ono on cello, Eric Arndt on bass), is fuller and bolder. Recorded in Los Angeles, the album was produced and mixed by Sonia Schmidt herself. Her understanding of sound shows in the delicate balance of each song, using silence as a means to add power to her words and making this 10 piece album a work of art.

Narcisse won at the 2021 Garden State Film Festival on the short movie Enough.

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